a photo uploader for Linux, Mac and Windows


Main Window

jUploadr after it has been started. Just find photos on your hard drive and drag them onto the bluejay to start.

Adding Photos

Just drag and drop a photo on to the main window to get it ready to be uploaded. jUploadr decorates the photos so you can tell at a glance what fields you have filled out and what the privacy settings are.

Managing Photos

jUploadr allows you to manage and edit your photos with simple actions and menus.

Photo Sets

jUploadr allows you to add your photos to either an existing photoset, or you can create your own. You can add photos singly or as a group, it's just easy.

Upload in progress

Photos as they are being uploaded. jUploadr keep you informed a by marking completed photos with a check and the currently uploading photo with an arrow.

Error Handling

jUploadr keeps track of errors so you don't have to. If any of your photos fail to add to a set or fail to rotate, jUploadr can retry them for you. This saves you the tedious work of finding them in your photostream and fixing them yourself.

Upload Complete!

jUploadr did its job; All photos have been uploaded successfully.

Editing a photo's attributes

All attributes are available to you, so you can enter all of your data before you upload.

Tag Completion

jUploadr fetches your tags from your photo sharing site and remembers them, if you want to add an old tag, type the first couple of letters of the tag, press enter, and jUploadr presents you with a list of matches.

Editing account settings

You can see with a single click if your account settings are valid, what type of account you have, and how much of your monthly quota you have used so far. --very handy for free accounts.

Default privacy and tags

These settings apply to any photos added to jUploadr. Default tags allow you to specify tags that are added to any photo that is dropped into jUploadr.

Upload Actions

You can configure jUploadr to remove photos from its UI after they've been uploaded, or keep them around to remind you which photos you've already sent. Don't worry, they won't be uploaded again.
To save bandwidth, jUploadr can shrink your photos before they are sent. This tab allows you to pick how large a photo can be before it is resized.
Additionally, jUploadr can upload your photos based on when they were taken, so they appear in your photostream with the newest ones first.

Proxy Settings

jUploadr can utilize a proxy, so if you're trapped behind one, it has you covered.