a photo uploader for Linux, Mac and Windows

Frequently Asked Questions


What is jUploadr?

jUploadr is a program that allows you to send your photos to Flickr

What platforms does jUploadr work on?

I produce builds of jUploadr for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. However, I'd wager that it runs on any platform that is SWT compatible.

How do I run jUploadr?

  • Mac Users

    Double click on the disk image (.dmg). Drag and drop the icon to your applications folder.

  • Linux and Windows users

    jUploadr is written in Java, which means you need to download Java in order to run it.

    To download Java click here then, select the correct version. If you're unsure which version to download, select the JRE. After you're down downloading, install it according to Sun's instructions

    After it's installed, all Linux users need to do is make sure java is in their path. Type 'java -version' on the command line to check. It should return 1.5.0 (or whatever version of java you have installed).

    Windows users used to have to add an additional environment variable called JAVA_HOME. The latest version of jUploadr checks the registry to find out where Java is installed, so they no longer have to do this.


How do I upload to Zooomr?

Out of the box, jUploadr is configured to upload to Flickr. If you're a Zooomr user, simply select Edit->Accounts->New Zooomr Account, follow the instructions and you'll be uploading to Zooomr in no time.

jUploadr doesn't work/crashes on Linux

Before you send in any email, go to the command line and type the following: java --version If you see something like this: java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.0.1 20050727 you're running GIJ, which is an open source version of java. I'd love to gush about how great it is, but frankly, its terrible. Many of the features are half-implemented, or don't work at all. Because of this, jUploadr does not work with this JVM.
Instead, download the official sun JVM from here (pick the JRE if you're not sure which one to pick)

jUploadr doesn't work. When I click on jUploadr.bat, a small window pops up and that's it.

Upgrade to the latest version of jUploadr, it automatically detects where Java is installed. If you still have problems, do the following:
  1. Start -> Run
  2. enter "cmd" without the quotes into the dialog box
  3. cd to jUploadr's directory e.g. "cd c:\jUploadr-1.1-win32_x86"
  4. enter "jUploadr > out.txt 2&>1"
  5. Contact me via the blog and send me out.txt

When I click on the batch file, I get an error message that says 'Reg' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

The problem here is that you're running a version of windows that doesn't have a command that jUploadr uses to launch itself. Don't worry, just Download the command and you're in business.

Why does that little black window pop up when I run jUploadr? It's annoying!

This happens because I use a batch file to run jUploadr in windows. I don't have access to a windows machine (I don't use one at work or at home) so I really can't develop a better way to launch jUploadr. If someone wants to help, I'd be very grateful.

When I click on the "Authorize jUploadr" button, I immediately get a dialog box that just says "Authorization failed" and nothing else

In order to get jUploadr to run, it needs to have its environment set up correctly. This happens when you click on the jUploadr.bat file. If you click on the juploadr.jar file, it will run, but you will get this error. In short, click on jUploadr.bat, not juploadr.jar.

Why do the photo decorations overwrite my photo?

This was due to a bug in the UI libraries that jUploadr uses. This bug has been fixed. Download the latest disk image and re-install.

Why can't I drop any photos on jUploadr?

Are you running Tiger? If so, download the latest disk image. Previously, jUploadr wouldn't accept any files that were dropped onto the UI. This was due to a bug in the UI library that jUploadr uses. This bug has been fixed.

There sure are a lot of bugs in jUploadr's UI libraries

Not any more. Download the latest disk image and everything will be fine..