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End of an era?

Hi all,
I’ve maintained support for Java 1.4 long enough. I’m tired of casting everything that comes out of collections, I want varargs, and I want type safety, and as such, I’ve decided to move to Java 1.5.

jUploadr 1.1.2 will be the last version developed in 1.4. I’m not sure yet if I’ll make the builds compatible with 1.4, but I’m starting to doubt it. If anyone has strong objections, I’d like to hear them, though I’ve just committed a large number of changes to make jUploadr 1.5 compatible.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably safe to ignore this post.

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  1. herrmueller Says:

    Sounds like a good decision from a developer’s point of view (with 1.5 being what it is: a huge step forward).

    It’s also been around for quite some time now — people should have it by now…

    Keep us posted if you run into serious resistance, though ;-)

  2. Eugene Says:

    Sorry if this question was asked before but are you going to implement uploading to google picasa?

  3. Kevin Says:

    Absolutely, make the jump to 1.5. JDK 1.5 offers a TON of features that I wouldn’t want to live without - in my opinion, there is just no reason to keep working in 1.4. It is so easy to upgrade the JRE to 1.5 or 1.6 and no real reason not to.

    I would still love to see you implement a more thorough tag editor that we discussed a long time ago (a year or so?). So I could pick a picture that had overlapping but different tag sets and still be able to add, remove, etc. tags. This is really the only major feature jUploadr is missing, in my opinion.

  4. scohen Says:

    To my knowledge, there is no public API to upload photos, modify data or anything. As such, barring reverse-engineering their protocol, there’s no way for me to offer picasa upload.

  5. Someone Special Says:

    You should always be using the *latest* Java available. Isn’t that 1.6 now? Don’t wait–use it! Upgrading Java is trivial. No reason for people not to keep their software up to date. Your focus should be on maximum functionality not on maximum accessibility (for people who don’t know how to upgrade). Thanks for your hard work!

  6. Rui Pacheco Says:

    Go with 1.5. Everyone should have it by now and in terms of development it should be much better.

  7. Nath Says:

    I agree, go with Java 1.5.

  8. Stefan Says:

    >You should always be using the *latest* Java available. Isn’t that 1.6 now?

    No, not on Unix. The last one for debian was 1.5.
    The big point by using an javaapplet was that it was cross-system. If you really try to using things which are implemented just in the latest version of java maybee only windows-users could use this tool- but then there is no need again to build it as a javaaplet…

  9. scohen Says:

    I think you’re a little confused. First off, jUploadr isn’t an applet, it’s a full fledged Java application. Secondly, when Java is released, it’s made available on all platforms at once, so Linux users always have the latest available for them.
    I’m not sure why Debian only has 1.5 available for it, but I’m fairly certain that a Debian user could easily download and run 1.6 if they choose to. With Java’s impending license change, it will only be easier for Linux distributions to use the latest Java.

    Furthermore, there were several incompatibilities introduced in 1.5 that makes the actual programs compiled under it unable to run in earlier JVMs. The latest Java (1.6) does not have any incompatibilities with 1.5, so even if I used 1.6 and you used 1.5, you could still run jUploadr.

    Lastly, Linux users never need to fear not being able to run jUploadr. Linux is my primary operating system, and the Mac is my secondary. I do not, nor can I imagine owning a Windows machine.

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