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jUploadr is a cross platform, cross-site Photo uploader. Currently it runs on Windows Linux and OS X and supports both Flickr and Zooomr. It allows you to set all properties of a photo before you upload it. It also supports batch editing, so you can make short work of uploading a bunch of files.

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Say Hello to jUploadr 1.2

July 12th, 2007

Hi all,
Despite the ongoing saga which is Zooomr, I have been making steady progress with jUploadr 1.2. I’m about ready to release an alpha version that supports the following features:

  • Noticeably faster thumbnail generation for most photos. Most photos taken with a digital camera actually have thumbnails in them. jUploadr now reads them and displays them for a substantial speed boost.
  • Enhanced EXIF support: jUploadr now reads EXIF caption, headline and geo tags, and adds the appropriate information
  • Geo support (yay!): jUploadr now allows you to add locations to photos. It also lets you save locations for future use
  • Improved tag support: While editing multiple photos, tags that don’t apply to all photos are greyed out. Right clicking on them gives you the option of applying the tag to all the photos. Additionally, several tag-related bugs have been fixed.
  • Save State on crash: In the unlikely event of a crash, jUploadr will try its hardest to save your work before it gives up the ghost
  • Capabilities System: Does your photo site offer a subset of Flickr’s features? Now you can customize the UI to only show the features you support.
  • Automatic rotation detection: If your camera supports it, jUploadr will automatically rotate your photos if you took them in a portrait orientation.

Remember, this is an alpha release, and hasn’t been extensively tested yet. There could be terrible crashes with the associated loss of tags/data and gnashing of teeth, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. However, I know there are many people who want Geo coding. I’ve put up the linux and win32 ports. The OS X port will be up in a few days.

Additionally, jUploadr now requires Java 1.5 (java 5.0). I hope this doesn’t anger too many people.

P.S. This release will hopefully support Zooomr when the API key is turned on.

Update: The mac version has been released.

Zooomr Update 3

July 8th, 2007

For those of you that haven’t been following, here’s the score:

  • jUploadr has been updated to deal with Zooomr mark III’s latest path updates. It is all updated on sourceforge, the release is complete and all that remains is a blog post and a switch flip.
  • However, even though jUploadr is complete, I can’t release this version because it won’t work. Kris hasn’t enabled jUploadr’s API key.

Here’s why:

I just finished chatting with Kris Tate on IM, and he tells me that indeed jUploadr’s API key has not been re-enabled due to their rapidly shrinking disk space, which is what I expected. Re-enabling jUploadr would make it very easy for everyone to upload many photos at once, and then Zooomr would grind to a halt.

Sun has promised Zooomr some hardware to remedy this problem, but they have been taking forever on this. I’m sorry that I don’t even have an ETA to give you of when jUploadr will be up and running with Zooomr, but this is the latest information that I have.

Zooomr Update 2:

June 7th, 2007

Thomas posted an entry that gives the conditions for the release of jUploadr’s API key. Note I didn’t mention a specific time, but instead it will be released “Once we have 100% stability”.

Here’s hoping Zooomr measures stability using sufficiently small time-slices. It would really suck if they waited a year or so. I know of no site that has 100% stability when measured over a year. ;)

Again, sorry for the wait, but I suspect that the form-based upload method serves as a useful upload limiting factor right now. The last thing Zooomr needs is for all the jUploadr users to fire off hundreds of pictures at their already limping server.

I’ll update you guys when I know more.

Zooomr Users:

June 5th, 2007

I’m aware that jUploadr 1.1.2 does not work with Zooomr mark III. I’m in constant contact with Kris Tate about this, and have builds ready to go. When he adds jUploadr’s application key and gives me the go-ahead, I will release 1.1.3.

I apologize for the inconvenience, I know using the form-based upload mechanism is a pain but my hands are tied at this point.

GCJ Getting you down? Here’s the Ubuntu fix.

April 23rd, 2007

For all those Ubuntu users with the following error:

Starting JUploadr…
Java exec found in PATH. Verifying…
Suitable java version found [java = 1.4.2]
Configuring environment…
GCJ is an incompatible version of java

Do the following:

sudo update-alternatives --config java

You will see a list of java executables. Just choose Sun’s version.

if you need help setting up installing Java in Ubuntu, follow this link:

Hat tip to Brett M., whose comment is reproduced here more or less intact.

Another 1.1.2

March 20th, 2007

1.1.2… The release that won’t die.
So, Kris IM’d me and told me to make a release and change the api endpoints. So I did, and then this happened, so I have to change them back.

Which I did.

So now we have the third release of 1.1.2.

Enjoy… There shouldn’t be any more 404 errors.

Updated files

March 15th, 2007

So Kris Tate from Zooomr IMs me today to let me know that they’re releasing Mark III and I need to update the URL that jUploadr uses to connect to Zooomr. So, I rolled a couple builds of 1.1.2 and made sure to compile them with Java 1.4 –even the Mac builds.

Sorry about that, Mac people.

Macs and Java

February 12th, 2007

First off, let me state unequivocally that the Macintosh platform has *excellent* Java support. Many Mac users have no idea that jUploadr is written in Java at all, and deployment is a piece of cake. Additionally, the Mac includes several libraries by default that help me shrink jUploadr’s download size on that platform. Very nice indeed.
A while ago, Apple updated the version of Java on the Mac to 1.5 (AKA Java 5), but when they did so, they didn’t actually set that as the default version. Some people (me included) elected to stay on the old version (1.4.2), while most people went ahead and upgraded to the latest. The nice thing about the way Apple did the upgrade is that they didn’t remove the old version, which allows a Mac user to switch back and forth between versions seamlessly. I have used a similar strategy on Linux for years… eat your hearts out, Windows users.

Anyways, 1.1.2 is the last version that will support Java 1.4, and that means one of two things for Mac users. Either you can update your JVMs to 5.0, or you can stay with version 1.1.2 –which I’m sure will not be the best option once you see 1.2.

So what does Java 1.5 get you?

Improved performance — The 1.5 vm executes code faster, and has more optimizations that the 1.4 vm

What does it get me?

Easier development — Several language features make it easier for me to manage where your photos are stored in the code.

How do I upgrade?

It’s very easy. In case you haven’t done so already (it was an update on 9/5/2005 so most people should have it), download the 1.5 update and install it.
Then run Applications=>Utilities=>Java=>J2SE 5.0=>JavaPreferences.app and select J2SE 5.0 in the selection box labeled “Use Version”

That’s it. You’re on a modern JVM.

Re-released Mac version

February 8th, 2007

I re-released the Mac version of jUploadr, it was compiled with java 1.5 and it was causing problems for some mac users that haven’t upgraded their macs in a while. I’ve taken care of the problem, and it should be smooth sailing for mac users now.

New version

January 31st, 2007

I released jUploadr 1.1.2 tonight, it’s almost identical to 1.1.2beta1, except with a small tweak for mac users. If you have 1.1.2beta1, I’d say stick with it unless you *have* to have the latest.

I’ve been working on 1.2 a lot recently, and I have to say, it’s looking very swell indeed. Once I get geo support in there, I’ll put it out for beta.


I'd like to extend my thanks to John Hume for contributing the configuration dialogs and threaded uploading

The rest of the work was done by Steve Cohen